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    making the finer wear work is our goal and passion.

    that means that the shirts include these features:

    split yoke - The construction of the yoke involves splitting the
    yoke, rotating the parts at the correct angle and sowing
    them back together. This allows the fabric a bit
    more stretch which gives you improved freedom of
    movement and a better fit. Go split yoke!

    non iron -True non iron treatment makes the garment so much
    easier to handle and helps you look sharp as a razor all
    day long.

    taped seams- The taped seams helps the seams hold the shape and is
    in short a necessity for true non iron.

    strength- When working you move stuff, you stretch for that
    top shelf box and so on. All this puts strain on your
    shirt. So we strengthen your garment accordingly.
    the fabric Using only high quality long staple cotton is one of the
    most important contents when making the superior
    shirt. You feel it instantly. Our cotton outperforms
    other high quality cotton like Pima Cotton and Long
    Staple Egyptian Cotton. This is JHF Super Cotton.
    making the finer wear work.


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