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This is J.Harvest & Frost -Black Bow-2021 

The ultimate iron free shirt with revolutionary spill protection, and probably the last great shirt you’ll ever need. Say goodbye to ironing, untimely coffee spills and business lunch stains. Thanks to advanced nanotex technology, the Black Bow has your back. Black Bow is set out to be the world’s best working shirt.Your now able to test it in its natural environment - your life. 

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 Our multifunction features.

Nano technology.
Beside our regular acclaimed style and finish, we went further into the construction of the fabric. We went far into the fabric. We enhanced the fibres on a molecular level, maintaining the feel and look of the cotton, but made it more resistant towards liquids and oils. Both from the outside and the inside. So if you spill, or get a nervous sweat attack, minutes before your big meeting, you still look like a million bucks. Brush it off and nail that presentation.

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Never Iron
Everybody knows about Non Iron. Sometimes it’s true and sometimes, not so much. We already have Non-Iron on most of our shirts, and we are confident that you have tried it and found it to be one of the ones that works. We were not content. There is still some room for improvement, said Tor Bjarne... Which of course there was. Enter; Never Iron. Life is bigger than creases. 

A Never Iron shirt stays crisp through out the day, due to the taped seams and the wrinkle resist treatment. The activator for the Never Iron function is however moisture. So it needs to get damp or wet to straiten out the small amount of creases accumulated during the use of the shirt.

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Split yoke
The construction of the yoke involves splitting the yoke, rotating the parts in the correct angle and sowing them back together. This allows the fabric a bit more stretch which gives you improved freedom of movement and a better fit. 

Elastic Collar Button
In the strive to make the worlds best working shirt, Tor Bjarne made a pledge to himself. Before retiring he would make a patented solution to the problem many (including himself) has. Closing the top button in the collar, is for some very uncomfortable or even impossible. This should be possible to amend.

We have taken the first step in that direction. The top collar button is fastened with elastic tread instead of the traditional one. This makes room for extra movement and is therefore
more comfortable when wearing. A small, but important, step towards our big aim at making the finer wear work.

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